Our Story

In 2014, Red Tree Church sent David Comstock and a small group of people to Maplewood / Dogtown to plant Mid-Cities Church. We quickly grew into multiple Gospel Communities and launched our first corporate gathering in April of 2014. Mid-Cities has set out from the beginning to see the good news of Jesus transform St. Louis. After four years of laying a foundation and seeing many come to faith and join the church, many of the founding members and leadership team transitioned to new ministry roles outside of Maplewood. During this transition, we began the process of rediscovering our identity and direction. Darren Casper, a local pastor in the area, stepped into temporary leadership to help us walk through this process. After almost a year of transition, we called Nate Edmondson to be our second pastor. We are currently in an exciting season of growth and rebuilding, but our heartbeat has never changed. We want to love our neighbors, plant more churches, and see the good news of Jesus transform our city and our world.


We are a loving community, renewed by a powerful message, committed to a glorious cause.

Our Mission

We help people experience Jesus and embody his ways.


We know it’s possible to deny with our culture what we declare with our message. We do our best to create the following culture as we pursue our mission.

  • Life-giving // We believe our church should be encouraging, putting wind in people’s sails.

  • Generous // We believe in joyfully giving our resources to work that advances the good news.

  • Missional // We believe in pursuing and welcoming outsiders.

  • Simple // We believe in making it easy for people to understand and participate.

  • Practical // We believe in applying the good news of Jesus so that it’s useful in normal life.

  • Exceptional // We believe the quality of our work should exceed people’s expectations.

Let all that you do be done in love.
— 1 Corinthians 16:14