Our Story

In 1892, a small group of people led by pastor William Fuller planted Maplewood Baptist Church with a vision to reach the city of St. Louis with the good news of Jesus. Under the leadership of pastor W.L. Nash, things really began to take off. For over a century, we grew tremendously and saw thousands of people come to faith in Jesus. At one time, over 1,600 people gathered with us each weekend and called Maplewood Baptist home. Under the leadership of Homer E. Delozier and Frank Kellogg, we were one of the first churches in the Midwest to build a Youth and Recreation Facility to serve the families and neighborhoods in our city. Hundreds of students and young families would come each weekend to skate and party in our community center. We partnered with organizations locally and globally to plant more churches and fund missions. We’ve always been a church that develops leaders and seeks to make a positive influence on people around us. 

In 2014, Red Tree Church sent David Comstock and a small group of people to Maplewood / Dogtown to plant Mid-Cities Church. We’re named Mid-Cities Church because we serve people from all around St. Louis, Missouri (South City, Richmond Heights, Central West End, Webster, Clayton, Brentwood, North City… you name it!) We quickly grew into multiple Gospel Communities and launched our first corporate gathering in April of 2014. Mid-Cities has set out from the beginning to see the good news of Jesus transform St. Louis.

Early on a unique friendship was formed between the people of Maplewood Baptist and Mid-Cities Church. Our leaders began meeting together and dreaming about what it could be like to join together in our mission. In October 2019, Maplewood Baptist and Mid-Cities officially decided to join together as Mid-Cities Church At Maplewood. We will be publicly restarting together in January 2020.

Our Mission

We help people know Jesus and follow his ways.


In order to accomplish our mission, we have three pursuits.

  • Worship // We pursue God.

  • Mission // We pursue outsiders.

  • Community // We pursue each other.


We know it’s possible to deny with our culture what we declare with our message. We do our best to create the following culture as we pursue our mission.

  • Encouraging // We put wind in people’s sails.

  • Accessible // We make it easy to get connected.

  • Generous // We happily share our resources.

  • Thoughtful // We are intentional in everything we do.

  • Practical // We help people navigate everyday life.

Let all that you do be done in love.
— 1 Corinthians 16:14